“Air, water and grains are essential to human nourishment” – Mahatma Gandhi 100 years ago

Gandhi spoke of Swaraj’s three basic khorak. But he also gave, in the same 1918 speech, a fourth khorak for Swaraj. And that lay in his words, “we have a right to question.” | Read the full article by Gopalkrishna Gandhi, titled “On another New Year’s Day: Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘khorak’ a 100 years ago” in The Hindu: https://www.thehindu.com/opinion/lead/on-another-new-years-day/article22339609.ece

Source: The Hindu, 1 January 2018
Date Visited: 29 September 2019

Gandhi believed that giving more importance, value and relevance to practical skills, and applying traditional knowledge to solving day-to-day problems were essential for the development of rural India.

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