Strisvara, “a confluence of Indian urban and tribal and international music” with female artistes from the US, Sweden, Spain and Nepal: Hosted by the Soliga community of Biligirirangana Hills – Karnataka

Strisvara, an all-women music and cultural exchange project, will take place in Bengaluru come September 10 [2016]. Organized by Arun Sivag and NH Subhash Gowda — the 18-day residency and concert tour programme will see female musicians from the US, Sweden, Spain and Nepal engage in music with independent Indian artistes, along with those from native Soliga tribe of Biligirirangana Hills. The participants will attend various workshops by musicians, entrepreneurs and photographers. The residency will take place in one of the tribal villages in Biligirirangana Hills — at BRT Wildlife Sanctuary.

Malabika and Sanjay of BrahmaKhyapa, who are curating the project, said, “It will be a confluence of Indian urban and tribal and international female artistes. Five Soliga tribe women will collaborate with five female musicians from across the world to create unique music. We are waiting to see how this collaboration shapes out. G Malleshappa, working on retaining the music and tradition of Soliga tribe is the leading support of this project. The Soliga women are very excited about this project.”

Malabika added that the Soliga tribe was chosen because it is an old tribe with a rich musical tradition.

“Music is a mode of communication for this tribe and we want their music to reach the urban audience, and offer them the possibility of lending a unique sound to world music, and in the process go international. Apart from singers, the team comprises violinists, accordionists and flautists. As part of the project, we will create teams comprising one tribal musician, one Indian and one international musician and entrust them to compose their original music. The idea is to connect through music and not language,” she said. […]

Source: Soliga women set to collaborate with international musicians by Stuti Agarwal, Times of India, 30 August 2016
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