Vidyodaya’s summer camp for learning, brainstorming, fun, observations, discussions and reflections – Tamil Nadu


To view the slideshow and learn more about Vidyodaya, a “non-competitive and cooperative” Adivasi-school, click here >>

Camps had always played an important role to build relationships among the children. 92 children attended the camps this year – with lot of learning, brainstorming, fun, observations, discussions and reflections.

Feedback from the children:

  • We wish the camps run for 2 weeks.
  • We got some ideas to tackle the problem of alcoholism
  • I have got one more family and will keep in touch.
  • We learnt about different adivasi culture.
  • We would like to have regular monthly camps with the teachers.

VBVT would like to thank the donors who supported the camps.

Source: Camps for Children – 2016 | Vidyodaya
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