Video | Vayali Folklore Group performance – Kerala

The performance video covers Vayali Folklore Group’s journey for a folk art dance performance. The colour, energy and skill of the young people is on full display.

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About Vayali

Motto: “Culture nourishes itself from nature.
Without nature, culture cannot exist;
without culture, a society cannot.”

Vayali, a group of young people from the cultural capital of Kerala, is engaged in preserving the roots. Connected together in way back 2004 for a common reason, to form a team to start learning the Traditional / Local Knowledge systems practiced in and around the banks of River Nila (Bharatha Puzha) and share / impart the same to the young generation.

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Wikimedia map of Bharathapuzha (Nila) river
Wikimedia map of Bharathapuzha (Nila) river

The word “Nila” indicates the culture more than just a river. Nila has groomed the culture and life of south Malabar part of Kerala. We see the name “Peraar” indicating the same river in ancient scripts and documents. Source: Wikipedia

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