Tip | Santal Music: A Study in Pattern and Process of Cultural Persistence – A detailed study by Onkar Prasad


The present in-depth study by Dr. Onkar Prasad of Santal Music in the context of socio-cultural life of Santals is the outcome of extensive field work. […]

It highlights Santals’ organic relationship with [their] instruments looking upon them as living beings and a means to establish communication with non-living entities. […]

[They] do not view their material world as separate from themselves. […]

The text is supplemented by photographs, a bibliography, glossary, appendix and index.

Onkar Prasad (b. 1948) is M.Sc. in Anthropology from the University of Ranchi and Ph.D. from Calcutta University.

His primary interest is in Ethnomusicology of tribal and non-tribal communities. He has published many articles ini anthropological journals.

Dr. Prasad, who is at present associated with the Centre for Rural Studies (Palli Charcha Kendra), Visva-Bharati as a lecturer, has finished another book entitled “Folk Music and Folk Dances of Banaras”.

Tribal Studies of India Series T115. Inter-India Publications, New Delhi 110015
Price: Rs. 180

Source: Transcription from the book cover

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