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The hill-tribes have a natural fondness for music and they are known for the preservation of ancient culture. The Pulayar tribe describe their melodies as talams. According to them, their melodies are derived from the cooing of birds such as kanamayil, Kanakkozhi. Talam and melodies are named after their deities. Karaganachi talam, Mangalanada talam, Kundhanada talam, etc. are all specific melodies. The chaya of classical ragas like Sudhasaveri, Saraswathi, Sankarabharanam, Andolika, Brindavanasaranga are to be seen in these beautiful melodies. Their orchestra is known as Singaram (literally meaning beauty), consisting of two small sized Nadhaswarams or Sathathakkuzhal, two drums or melam and a pair of cymbals or Kaimani, Veelikuzhal (flute) and Maththali (a long drum) are played by them to invoke the gods. They sing while they dance. Some of their music is rudimentary only serving as a background for dance.

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