Video | Khasi music – the resilience of a tradition in an age of globalization – Meghalaya


The Jeebon Roy Memorial Creative Arts Akademi has its origins in the Seng Khasi movement which began as a   challenge to British domination and now counters the growing influence of western popular music by promoting the region’s cultural heritage.

The universal rules of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ writing are turning out to be colonial relics. […] Having grown up within the largely oral Khasi community in Meghalaya, whose creative expressions mainly comprised song and “iathoh khana” (storytelling), it puzzled me that, in none of the canonical creative writing textbooks, had I come across a discussion on the influences of oral storytelling on craft.

Source: “Decolonising creative writing: It’s about not conforming to techniques of the western canon” by Janice Pariat (, 4 July 2021)
Date Visited: 15 July 2021

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