Video | Khasi music – the resilience of a tradition in an age of globalization

Sanbok’s students at the Jeebon Roy Memorial Creative Arts Akademi Shillong practice playing several types of drums. Arwan Tarian, the institution’s Secretary, recalls how this institution came to be established in 1999. Its origins lie in the Seng Khasi movement which began to challenge British domination in the late 19th century. For this it sought to strengthen the cultural heritage of the region.

Since then the growing popularity of western music has become another challenge. A case in point is a rock concert witnessed in Shillong’s main market area.

Duration: 02:49 – Researched and filmed by Gayatri Indira Vijaysimha and Dev Narayan Chaudhuri (Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai) © 2010. This is a cutout of their video documentary on the Khasi music of Meghalaya edited for the Tribal Cultural Heritage in India Foundation. 

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