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This video song is the product of several co-incidents. The ongoing lockdown has prolonged my stay at Bandel. During this period, in a casual conversation with my friend, Sunder, he casually suggested me to write-down songs for stranded adivasis, so that they could be consoled during this hard period. This is how this creative work began. We decided to use old photographs taken by Sunder, the old music tracks stored in my computer and some raw videos of countryside that lay unattended for more than five years. We contacted our dear musician friend, Babul Mardi for editing work. He happily accepted our proposal and he along-with his son Arghya edited the audio from Raiganj, which was eventually, recorded with a mobile-phone. Tonol da lent his hands of support to Sunder in translating the song into English from Kolkata and finally Nagen bhai has edited the video from Guskara, Bardhaman. This work of collaboration inspired me to open my own YouTube channel. I and Sunder are satisfied the way the whole effort has surfaced and hope this will be a leisure-time-music for you too.

Song of Corona II | Boro Baski
This is an attempt to connect the community in these difficult times of so-called “social distancing” through a Santali song in traditional tune. We believe that celebrating our collective memory of love, pain, despair and struggles in life will act as a remedy in any crisis situation, even in the present one. Let’s march on this journey with solidarity and brotherhood. Johar! | Learn more >>

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