Towards better and healthier education for all tribal children: Pioneering ‘bag- free schools’ in Wayanad – Kerala

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Kozhikode: A school in Wayanad, where majority of students hail from tribal and other economically weaker sections, has set a model by doing away with school bags. While lugging heavy school bags has been a daily burden to students elsewhere, the pupils of Serve India Adivasi Lower Primary School (SALPS), Thariode go to school with just a notebook in hand. | To read the full story, click here >>

The school authorities decided to bid adieu to bags after finding that they were causing hardships and even health issues to students.

SALPS was declared a ‘bag- free school’ last week by adopting a very simple and ingenious method. The school authorities provided an extra set of textbooks to all the students, which they keep at home.

Also, the teachers and the PTA raised money to buy shelves in all classrooms, for students to keep their textbooks and notebooks along with their pencil boxes, lunch plates etc. The school authorities also provided free pencil boxes to all students to be kept inside their classrooms.  […]  

Source: “Here is how a Wayanad school dumped school bags”, Times of India 3 February 2019
Date accessed: 5 January 2019

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