Video channel “Kaathadi” & Educational exhibition “Makkala Keeche” (Children’s Pockets): Success stories from Vidyodaya in Gudalur – Tamil Nadu

Understanding science and maths concepts through classroom activities and Vidyodaya’s
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On March 17th, an education exhibition called “Makkala Keeche” (Children’s Pockets) was organized at Vidyodaya school. We saw children taking ownership to present their exhibits on Science and Maths, their paintings and craft items and some elements of Adivasi culture. More than 200 people visited the exhibition including parents and alumni.

(From the left: Row 1: Picture 1: Picture 2: Inauguration of the exhibition by Dr. Nandhakumar, Picture 3: A child measuring the height of a visitor in the Maths station,
Row 2: Picture 1: A student displaying his model of a simple circuit, Picture 2: Children at the Adivasi culture station, Picture 3: Children and visitors at the Art and craft station
Row 3: Picture 1: Children at the OneAll frisbee station, Picture 2: String art craft done by youth from Pattavayal area, Picture 3: Display of paintings made by children)

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Vidyodaya Resource center 
On February 28th, National Science day, we launched our YouTube channel called “Kaathadi”. The objective of the channel is to share best practices in teaching, pedagogy and learning aids to other rural schools and study centers. 

Introduction to Kaathadi
The objective of this channel is to encourage children to learn Maths and Science through exploration. The experiments and activities shown here use easily available materials and hence can be replicated anywhere.”  

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