Award winning stories and other success stories: Education that reconnects children with their indigenous culture and traditions

“I will continue to contribute towards tribal literature by writing on socio-economic issues aimed at empowerment of tribal women along with informative and entertaining stories for children. […] Regarding her upcoming book, she said the focus would be on the importance of education. “Joba Murmu, who possess a post graduate degree in Santhali and won the 2017 Sahitya Akademi award for writing a collection of short stories for children with morals

Source: Times of India, 24 June 2017 | Learn more >>, 2 August 2017

An initiative that produces books in tribal dialects in an underdeveloped area of Madhya Pradesh is helping tribal children to not only become better learners in school but is also reconnecting them with their indigenous culture and traditions. Alaknanda Sanap takes a closer look.

“If you map the parts of India where illiteracy is highest, you will find that it matches the parts where the mother tongues of children are different from the official language,” says Ganesh Devy, a linguist and the 2011 Unesco Linguapax laureate. Devy is the founder of the Vadodara-based Bhasha Research and Publication Trust.

Over the past few years, some states like Odisha and Andhra Pradesh have tried to integrate tribal languages in government schools, but most other states where indigenous people live in large numbers have been reluctant to take this step. […]

An initiative in Madhya Pradesh in central India is trying to overcome this reluctance through successful interventions on the ground. The state has a tribal population of 21.1%, with 46 recognised scheduled tribes and three tribal groups identified as Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs). The Baigas in Balaghat district are one such group. They live alongside other tribal communities like Gonds, to which Arkat belongs. […]

Source: How Tribal Kids in MP Are Getting a Chance to Learn in Their Languages
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