Indigenous people “responsible for the survival of the forest ecosystem in the world”: Minister’s inaugurational speech during Mysore’s celebration of tribal culture – Karnataka

R. Krishna Kumar, The Hindu, MYSURU, February 11, 2016

A one-day tribal festival celebrating their culture and traditions was held in the city on Wednesday.

Organised by the Department of Kannada and Culture, the festival was inaugurated by District in-charge Minister V. Srinivas Prasad. He described the tribals and adivasis as the indigenous people of any country and said that they were responsible for the survival of the forest ecosystem in the world.

He said that the tribals and the forest-dwelling communities had evolved unique customs and tradition surrounding their environment in forests and had conserved forests and natural resources.

Mr. Prasad said in the present times it was imperative to extend to them basic facilities including education, medical care, protection of their culture.

However, the Minister said it was regrettable that economically and socially dominant groups were trying to get the tribal communities evicted from the forests under the pretext of environment protection while the rich were being permitted to establish resorts inside the forests.

Mayor B.L. Byrappa said that protecting tribals and their culture would help in conservation and protection of forests. The programme included a slew of tribal dance and other performances including Dudi Kunita, Budakattu Nrytya, Betta Kurubura Nrytya, Karadi Kunita, Bedara Nrytya etc.

Source: Festival celebrates tribal culture – The Hindu
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