Adivasi community event and documentary film screening hosted by Accord – Tamil Nadu

Accord held a meeting in memory of Manoharan who passed away in 2012. He worked with Accord for 20 years. A lecture was delivered by Shashank Kela, author of a recently published book titled ‘A Rogue and Peasant Slave’ dealing with the history of Adivasi resistance.

The lecture we screened a wonderful film on the Adiya tribal community of Waynad and their relationship with their traditional lands. [Click on Have you seen the Arana? to watch the trailer]

Both the lecture and the film screening were attended and discussed by the Gudalur community as well as many people working on similar issues in other places.

German friends and partners prepared teaching material on the Nilgiris and Adivasi life based in association with Accord. For details, visit the ‘Adivasi Tea Projekt (ATP)’ website www.adivasi-tee-projekt.organd select in the menu ‘Englisch mit Adivasi’.

Source: message by Priyashri Mani on behalf of Accord, Gudalur, 6-4-13

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