Pottery & Terracotta art work in Ashadullapur (Santiniketan) – West Bengal


Opening Programme

Training Cum Production on Pottery & Terracotta art work

Venue: Ashadullapur | Date:  4th October 2012 | at:  2:00pm
Moderator: Sanyasi Lohar

Learn more about the Ashadullapur Gramin Silpa & Sastha Bidhan Kendra >>

Introduction and TeaSanyasi Lohar/ Jakob Dörr
Opening Ceremony: A Santal song Nilmoni Hansda, Khukumoni Hansda, Maloti Baski, Pansuri Baski, Sumi Baski,  Budin Hembrom, Budi Hansda, Sigen Baski
The history of organizational structure of Ashadullapur Gramin Silpa & Sastha Bidhan Kendra  Nilai Das from Bolpur (active member of AGSSBK)
A bengali folk song /Santali folk songRathin Kishku
Necessity of cultural and art workshopsGokul Hansda,  President of Ghosaldanga Bishnubati  Adibasi Trust
A German SongKathrin Klein, Jakob Dörr
Summary of different techniques of pottery and terracotta art and craftsAssistant Prof. Mr. Manoj Kumar Prajapati Silpa Sadan, Visva Bharati UniversityInstructor of the workshop
Vote of thanks  Tapas Majhi/ Boro Baski
A Santal songNilmoni Hansda, Khukumoni Hansda, Maloti Baski, Pansuri Baski, Sumi Baski,  Budin Hembrom, Budi Hansda, Sigen Baski
“A teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning himself. A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame.” – Rabindranath Tagore, poet, social reformer and composer of India’s national anthem who founded Santiniketan amidst Santal communities >>
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Ashadullapur Gramin Silpa & Sastha Bidhan Kendra

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eBook | Background guide for education

eBook | “Santals Celebrate the Seasons”: Creativity fostered by Ashadullapur Gramin Silpa & Sastha Bidhan Kendra – West Bengal

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Santal music CD and DVD by Ghosaldanga Bishnubati Adibasi Trust

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Santali language | eBook | A Santali-English dictionary – Archive.org

Sanyasi Lohar


Video | Roots and Branches: The Lifeworld of an Enlightened Villager in West Bengal

Video | Santali video album “Ale Ato” (Our Village, Part 1 of 2) – West Bengal

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