Dial the Jackfruit Van: Uravu team ‘unlocking’ the jackfruit power – Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram, April 11, 2011
National jackfruit fete to unveil a veritable treat

Women taking part in a training session on making value-added products from jackfruit - Photo: Courtesy The Hindu

At a time when much is being said about food security, a widely-available fruit that is nutritious and most parts of which can be put to good use in the kitchen, is being totally shunned by Keralites. And it is a tree which could be spotted in every backyard of our houses. It is a little difficult fruit to handle it alright, but the range of products that can be made out of the jackfruit is amazing.

“Countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Sri Lanka, where jackfruits are aplenty, have developed an entire range of value-added products, with excellent marketing facilities too. We should make at least an effort to understand the good uses of a wholesome fruit that we have grown to neglect totally,” says L. Pankajakshan, director of Shantigram, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), that is all set to organise a national jackfruit festival in the city by the end of May. […]

As a precursor to the event, Shantigram had organised a three-day local jackfruit festival at Chapath, Vizhinjam, where scores of women, men and Kudumbasree groups were given training in making value-added products out of jackfruit. The training programme was led by a team from ‘Uravu’, an NGO in Wayanad that has been instrumental in popularising indigenous technologies and crafts by working with local tribes and other marginalised sections of people.

It was the same team from ‘Uravu—led by C.D. Sunish, K.G. Balan and A.P. Anilkumar— that had recently help organise a jackfruit festival in one of the five-star hotels in Kochi. […] Keralites do not seem to think seriously about cultivating jackfruit, hence much of the seasonal fruit goes waste in the State.

But just across the border, at Panruti, in Cuddallore district in Tamil Nadu, large jackfruit orchards thrive under the loving care of farmers, who see the fruit earning them a steady income of Rs.60,000 per acre. The ‘Panruti’ jackfruit, some weighing over 60 to 70 kg each, is quite famous in the markets of Mumbai, where truckloads of the fruit arrive from Panruti. […] The crop proves to involve zero-labour cost, yet brings plentiful harvest, reports say.

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Dial the Jackfruit Van

Somewhere along the way jackfruit became unglamorous. […] The Jackfruit Fest to be held in Kozhikode later this month is meant to be the summer fruit’s redemption. The festival will promote the infinite goodness of jackfruit, especially as the fruit is free of pesticides. The event, jointly organised by environmental groups, the Wayanad-based Uravu, residents’ associations and others, aims to introduce buyers to the possibilities of jackfruit. […] And in case a householder has jackfruits but is clueless what to do with it, the fest organisers have a solution at hand.

A Jackfruit Van is set to travel to different pockets to teach residents a variety of jackfruit dishes which they can learn and display at the fest. The van will be equipped with cooking gas, stove, jackfruits, utensils and other essentials. “Trained people will be travelling in the van to teach the residents,” says Babu. The organisers expect the residents’ associations across the district to get in touch with them so that the Jackfruit Van can reach those areas. […]

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