Audio & eBook | United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Repatriation is an important part of reconciliation

First Peoples Gallery, Royal B.C. Museum

Indigenous people across North America are working to return thousands of sacred objects and ancestral remains, belongings that were taken and put in museums, galleries, private collections, and universities. […]

“Some of the struggles I think our people have is just the knowing that these things are elsewhere,” she said. “These things need to be made right.”
The Royal BC Museum and the Haida Gwaii Museum recently published the Indigenous Repatriation Handbook. It is available for free online to support communities and museums in the repatriation of belongings. | Read the full story on the website of Canada’s CBC “Unreserved” series hosted by Rosanna Deerchild >>

FULL EPISODE: Repatriation: Bringing ancestral artifacts and remains home >>

Source: CBC
Date visited: 24 June 2019t

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