Workshop on Banam Making: Appreciation for the ancient musical string instrument of the Santals – West Bengal


1st Phase-Workshop on Banam Making
(One of the ancient musical instruments of the Santals)

Date & Time: 18-19 August 2018, from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm
Venue:  Museum of Santal Culture, Bishnubati, Birbhum

Organized by Ghosaldanga Bishnubati Adibasi Trust, Birbhum, West Bengal and funded by Museum of Cultural History, Oslo, Norway


The Banam (single-string wooden lute or fiddle) is one of the ancient musical instruments of the Santal tribe.  The instrument is made of wood; the lower part is covered with cow-hide and tightened with bamboo pegs. According to its different types, shapes and sizes the Banam has different names and creates various tunes. Banam-Making is an art, and not many people among the Santals are engaged in pursuing it. | Learn more (PDF with contact details, 155 KB) Banam workshop programme Boro Baski 14-8-18>> 

Source: courtesy Dr. Boro Baski (email 14 August 2018)

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