Audio | Fashion is like a language: Sage Paul’s “Giving Life” clothing collection at The Fashion and Design Festival in Montreal – Canada

CBC Radio, 22 June 2018 (6 min. audio) | Read or listen to the full story >>

[…] The Toronto-based Dene designer’s forthcoming clothing collection, Giving Life, is an intimate expression for Paul. “You can tell your secrets through fashion, and it’s not so vulnerable.” […]

Storytelling on the runways

When Paul thinks about Indigenous fashion she thinks about communication. “Fashion is like a language,” clothing is and always has been a way to communicate, she explained. “We would be able to identify our different nations through clothing.” […]

“We wanted to use that show as a way to honour those women,” explained Paul. “Indigenous women who have helped pave the way for where we’re at right now with Indigenous fashion. Even myself has a space because of the work that these women have done.”

Source: ‘Fashion is like a language’: Sage Paul tells difficult story with new collection
Date accessed: 22 June 2018

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