North America Native Museum (NONAM) – Switzerland

The NONAM is dedicated to the arts and cultures of the indigenous peoples of Canada and the United States. Without false romanticism it offers attractive approaches for visitors of all ages to learn about First Nations, Native Americans and Inuit.

In the permanent exhibit, an unexpected museum landscape refers to the diverse living conditions of North American aboriginal cultures. With its extraordinary architecture, its colorful displays and unusual material, NONAM guides its visitors through a sensual course which reflects cultural diversity as well as the climatic and cultural distinctions of
the continent.

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Guided tours and workshops for schools
The museum offers guided tours and workshops in the permanent exhibition as well as the special shows to school classes of all levels.

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The private Collection Hotz was purchased by the City of Zurich in 1961 and established in 1963 as the “Zurich Indian Museum” in a school building in Zurich Aussersihl.

Gottfried Hotz was succeeded by Hans Läng in 1977 who continued to extend the collection until he retired. In 1993 Denise Daenzer took over as the new curator. She and her team began to realign the museum’s focus and work,

In January 2003 the old Indian Museum moved residence, changing its name to Nordamerika Native Museum at the same time. Since then, the new museum has extended its activities and is now able to exhibit more pieces of its collection in permanent display in a larger exhibition area, and also put on one to two special shows per year.

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