Audio | Storytelling and Adivasi songs by school kids in the Gudalur valley in the Nilgiri mountains – Tamil Nadu

Friday, April 4th, 2014 [excerpts]

Hello friends!

Today the kids from 7th standard are telling you about their villages,
we hope you have fun reading their comments!

I like that in my village there are many flowers. I have many friends in the village and I play with them. I don’t like any other village, I like only my village. There we have good water and many good fruits. We have beautiful gardens, but I like my garden the most.

In my village there are many houses and many hens, cows and cats. Many children live in my village but also old women and old men. In my village there is a school but I don’t like that school. I like only Vidyodaya school.

I don’t want to live in any other village. – Keerthi

I have friends there, many friends. Their names are Keerthi, Meraji, Keethi, Badichi and Arun. My village is very big and many mothers live there in many houses and boys and girls. We have Mango trees, Banana trees and Gova trees. Many trees.

I like my house and I help my mother and my brothers. I cook rice. My village’s name is Kangikolli. I like my village’s name, My grandmother’s house looks very nice and my sister’s baby is in my house, it looks very cute. I like my sister’s baby. Keerthi’s house is in the same village and also Meraji’s. I and my friends play many games and we talk about the school.
I like all the houses in my village very ver very much! – Megala

I like to live in my village, because we get fresh air. I have many friends in my village and it is in the nature. My village is in the forest. My house is very nice and it”s also in the forest. It is not very noisy in my village. I like to be in the forest and to look into the green. In the forest we have many trees, birds and animals. In the village I meet new and old friends.
One thing I don’t like are the elephants which are coming to my village. My village is very silent. I really like my village. – Rani

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