Collaborative workshops and showcasing storytelling traditions during the 3-day Festival of Indigenous Storytellers 2012 – Darjeeling

The 3rd Confluence, Festival of Indigenous Storytellers, Darjeeling 2012

The 3rd Confluence, Festival of Indigenous Storytellers, 2012 is being organised at Darjeeling and we cordially invite all those who love storytelling and find in it a window to understand the disappearing worlds of indigenous communities in their traditional essence through their stories. The 3-day event will showcase various storytelling traditions (including shamanic oral traditions) and will include storytellers from various tribal communities across the country, alongside professional storytellers. […]

This year, the Festival focuses on the oral history and folklore of the Eastern Himalayas. With Acoustic Traditional’s ongoing ‘One Tribe’ tour based on the documentation of the folklore of Jhamphey Mung (or the legendary snow creature in the region), the event includes a special highlight on Lepcha storytellers from Lingthem, Lingdem and Timvong villages of Dzongu (the sacred land of the Lepcha tribal people) alongside ‘Kiranti’ storytellers from across Sikkim and Darjeeling. With storytellers from across Manipur, Nagaland, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerela and from the mainstream storytelling arena, the unique 3-day event will showcase a diverse range of ancient storytelling traditions from across the country. […]

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