Hyderabad biodiversity pledge – Indian Prime Minister affirms the paramount importance of traditional system of agriculture and medicine

The Hindu, HYDERABAD, October 16, 2012

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made a Hyderabad Pledge on Tuesday, under which India will spend $50 million to strengthen the institutional mechanisms for protection of biological diversity during its two-year presidency of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

This will be used to advance the objectives of the CBD, at the national and state level in the country. Similar capacity building assistance funding will be made available to developing countries. […]

Protecting and promoting biodiversity has always been an integral part of the Indian ethos and culture. This can be seen from the thousands of sacred groves all over the country. Traditional system of agriculture and medicine in India has depended on plant and animal biodiversity, and protecting the wild relatives of these resources that we use today is of paramount importance.

Since it has been a matter of concern that the public knowledge represented by biodiversity may be restricted in the regime of modern intellectual property rights, India has created a digital library of traditional knowledge. This is in a format that is easily accessible to patent examiners and had been able to avert over a thousand cases of bio-piracy. Also, 105 claims were cancelled or dropped by Patent Offices. India was offering its assistance to the World Intellectual Property Organisation to set up other similar facilities.

The treasure trove of traditional knowledge should be used for the benefit of all humanity, rather than for profit, he said. […]

The Executive Secretary of the CBD, Braulio Ferreira de Souza Dias praised India’s Hyderabad Pledge and said it showed its commitment to the objective of protection of biodiversity. […]

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