Unique lifestyle and culture of Soligas in the forest area near Chamarajanagar – Karnataka

Deccan Herald, Chamarajanagar, Mar 21, 2012

MP R Dhruvanarayan stressed the Centre that soligas living in the forest area coming under Chamarajanagar Lok Sabha constituency limits should be included in the list of adivasi tribe and provide all the benefits due to them. […]

Those groups belonging to jenu kuruba and koragas have been included into the core tribe group and soligas have been left out. Due to this, the members of the community have been denied the benefits extended by the government.

Chamarajanagar has various tribal groups like Jenu Kuruba, Kadu Kuruba and Soligas and according to 2001 census, there are more than 30,000 soligas in the district. Their lifestyle, culture and others are unique and problems have arisen between the groups for not adding their soliga community to the list of adivasis list.

He drew the attention of the government by stressing that the soligas be immediately included in the list and make them beneficiaries of various benefits extended by the Centre.

Source: Include soligas in list of adivasis: MP
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