Video & eBook | Chakhesang singers from Nagaland

Music video of North East. Duo of Chakhesang singers from Nagaland, north-east India, performing for Wilderness Films India Ltd. at Lodhi Gardens and elsewhere in Delhi.
Source: Chakhesang singers from Nagaland! – YouTube

Date Visited: 5 March 2024:

Nagas, like many indigenous people of the world, do not have any written history; but there is of course, no way to roll back history and duplicate the past. Though the cultural diffusion in the past 200 years or so has caused many characteristics of Naga Society to become diluted or disappeared altogether; today Nagas are still at that point of time when general and fairly accurate picture can be put together because if much has been changed in Naga Culture, much also remains unchanged.

Source: Dr. M. Horam & Dr. Ringkahao Horam in Naga Festivals (LUI NGA NI) (New Delhi, 2015)
Date Visited: 3 December 2022

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In Marginalised but not Defeated, Tarun Kanti Bose (a seasoned public interest journalist) “talks about the Khasis, Nagas, Karbis, Garos, Rabhas, Misings, Daflas, Bodos, Akas and others in the North-east. […] The mainstream development paradigm is being questioned and new rainbows of collective, community reassertions are happening across the tribal belt in India. More so, in most cases, led by brave, empowered and resilient women.” | Learn more: >>

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