Araku Tribal Museum: “Like being in the world of local tribes” – Andhra Pradesh

Anuradha Goyal, January 27, 2014 | To read the full description, click here >>

Araku Tribal Museum is located in Araku, a small town in the valley surrounded by hills and many waterfalls, about 110 km’s from Visakhapatnam. What makes Araku Valley Tribal museum stand out is its very structure which is indigenous, absolutely native, right from the architecture, to the material used, to colors and contours. […]

Musical Instruments, Masks, Pottery, Paintings at Araku Tribal Museum.

Step inside and it is like being in the world of local tribes. You see the setting of their homes with dioramas depicting day-to-day activities. There are scenes from market and dances from various festivals. A small board explains the tribe and scene. The walls were full of masks and there was a scene depicting makeup being done for the drama. Musical instruments, clay pottery and walls paintings with local motifs keep the eyes engaged. […]

I definitely recommend this museum to anyone visiting Araku Valley. A trip to Araku Valley is a weekend get away from Visakhapatnam.

Source: Araku Tribal Museum – Places To Visit In Araku Valley
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