Terracotta project in Bishnubati village: Ashadullapur Rural Crafts & Health Development Centre – West Bengal

sannyasi_terracotta_2014_3091webThe Terracotta & Pottery project has started with six participants from different villages in a workshop. Their chosen task is to preserve the Santali traditional life by depicting it on the walls of local homes. Six walls have been chosen in Bishnubati village. This project is already meeting with much interest and appreciation among the villagers. | View the finished murals and learn more about Santal customs >>

Credits: information and photograph © Sanyasi Lohar (e-mailed 13-1-14)

About Sanyasi Lohar (project director)

An experienced artist and school teacher, Sanyasi Lohar studied art in Santiniketan, the pioneering institution founded by Nobel awardee Rabindranath Tagore for the purposes of cultural and rural development. 

On obtaining his diploma, he has participated in international training programmes including the 2013 Salzburg Summer Academy. His art has been exhibited in several countries and reproduced in educational publications.

By founding the Ashadullapur Rural Crafts & Health Development Centre, Sanyasi Lohar seeks to improve the lives of his local village community.  The terracotta workshops serve to develop the talents of village youths from different backgrounds, both Santals and non-Santals.

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To locate the Museum of Santal Culture in Bishnubati village (near Santiniketan) on the map seen below, open by clicking on the left button:

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