Exclusive right for commercial production of Singpho community’s traditional rice varieties – Assam

Sushanta Talukdar, Guwahati, June 19, 2011

Cooked Miaotong rice remains fresh for at least three days

Two traditional rice varieties produced by the Singphos — Miaotong and Khawlung, used in making topola bhaat, a delicacy of the tribe and popular with tourists — are set to earn the status of being the first registered farmers’ variety from Assam under the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority regime. […]

“Once registered, the Singpho community will enjoy an exclusive right for commercial production of these varieties and also a share of the benefit, if anyone outside the community, with its consent, cultivates tem on a commercial scale,” said Dr. Talukdar.

The specialty of Miaotong is that cooked rice remains fresh for at least three days. Miaotong-soaked water is also used as shampoo, according to community elders. […]

Source: The Hindu : News / National : Assam tribe’s rice varieties win recognition
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