Ranchi University will have a department for each for all the nine languages – Jharkhand

The Times of India, Oct 7, 2013

RANCHI: Ranchi University may soon get separate departments each for all the nine languages being taught in the tribal regional language (TRL) department.

This has been a longstanding demand and the proposal was approved in the senate meeting of Ranchi University (RU) in August this year. […]

Of the nine languages taught in the TRL department, there are five tribal and four regional languages. The tribal languages are Kudukh, Ho, Mundari, Khadia and Santhali while the regional languages are Nagpuri, Panchpargania, Khortha and Kurmali.

Asked why was it necessary to make separate departments for all languages, Oraon said, “There is only one PG department for all nine languages being taught in the TRL department where more than 800 students are enrolled. It is difficult to manage all these students under one department. Until and unless there is a separate department for each language, quality education cannot be imparted.”

Source: Ranchi University to get nine departments for tribal languages – Times Of India
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