Our lands are important to us because they are our life: Interviews with indigenous people – Brazil

Two Brazilian Indians from the Raposa-Serra do Sol indigenous area talk about their lands and lives.

Raposa-Serra do Sol is currently under threat from rice farmers who have waged a campaign of violence against the Indians.

“The best life is the one each of us chooses. My people and I … we choose the life that is good for us and for you, it is the one you have chosen. […]

Each of us must respect the way each other chooses to live, our culture, our way of being. No people or culture is better than another and no people lives better than another. Each one is different. That’s what we try to show, that is our way of life, the way we conceive life just as others have their own ways.”

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Source: ‘No people is better than any other’ – YouTube
Address : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4wvWeXc06A
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