Guided tour – Part 9

Video Volunteers

Several  promoting the welfare of India’s tribal communities have enlisted the services of  professionals. To name but a few, there are Accord, the Video Volunteers and the concerned journalists working for India’s periodicals; information specialists starting a literacy project; the Association for India’s Development just as the volunteers who dedicate themselves to Health and Environmental education.

They all share their knowledge and skills for a common cause: seeing to it that the nation lives up to the promises embedded in its constitution. It goes without saying that there cannot be any lasting results without the active involvement of members of tribal communities themselves:


Our fate in our hands: Addressing any single aspect of peoples’ lives is unlikely to improve their living standard as a whole. We therefore have taken a holistic approach, trying to address all relevant aspects of village life […] All our initiatives reflect the rhythm and the abilities of the villagers.” – Boro Baski (Santal teacher at Rolf Schoembs Vidyashram school at Ghosaldanga, West Bengal) on the concept of self-determined village development.

The “media age” offers infinite opportunities to educators and Adivasi youths alike. A selection of existing documentaries and educational projects is showcased on the present website:

The Tribal Cultural Heritage in India Foundation website offers several interactive Google maps >>