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The tribal girl Almelu was the first girl to complete her higher secondary in her Irula tribal community in the village of Gunavakam. […] Almelu cannot wait to finish her course and she knows exactly what she is going to do once she turns a certified teacher. She sees herself returning to her community and helping other Irula girls like her complete their education and become professionals in their chosen field.

About Video Volunteers

Video Volunteers is creating a social media network of community producers from slums and villages.

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Video volunteers logoVideo Volunteers is an international media organization empowering the voices of the world’s unheard communities. Its mission is to empower the world’s poorest citizens to right the wrongs they witness by becoming players in the global media revolution. Video Volunteers provides disadvantaged communities with journalistic, critical thinking and creative skills, teaching people to articulate and share their perspectives on the issues that matter to them – on a local and a global scale.

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About IndiaUnheard


IndiaUnheard is the first ever community news service launched by Video Volunteers. This new initiative is constituted of a network of community correspondents who are trained to tell unique stories; stories about their own communities; stories which are otherwise left untold. By feeding this community-produced content to national and international outlets, such as mainstream television channels and social networking sites, IndiaUnheard links rural communities with a truly global audience. Through bridging these worlds, IndiaUnheard empowers communities to create real change on real issues affecting their lives.

The network

IndiaUnheard is comprised of a network of 30 Community Correspondents (CCs) spread across 24 Indian states. T

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