Disseminating information about the work of Native Americans in media: Native Networks – Washington DC

In 2001 the NMAI National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI)] has launched the Native Networks Website to welcome you to the field of Native media throughout the Americas. The site provides information about new productions and media makers, current areas of special interest and accomplishments in the field. […]

The Film and Video Center of the National Museum of the American Indian is dedicated to presenting and disseminating information about the work of Native Americans in media. The Center’s Native Networks Website has four goals:

  • To provide a representation of current work in the field of Native American media including film, video, radio, television and new media.
  • To provide information to the public about the outstanding media productions which have been presented in the museum’s programs.
  • To provide the FVC and NMAI a way to maintain regular and frequent contact with the community of Native American independent media producers.
  • To provide a space for Native media makers to exchange ideas and to gather professional information.

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Source: About Native Networks – Native Networks
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