Methods of doing advocacy on behalf of the Adivasis of Assam: A one day seminar on 26 June 2015 – Jharkhand

This year we are organizing a one day seminar on the methods of doing advocacy on our demand for ST status to the adivasis of Assam. We hope that this seminar could show the individuals and organizations especially in Dumka a way to network with individuals and groups who may already be working or may be interested in working on this issue. I appeal to you to participate in this seminar so that we can concretize our solidarity with the tribals in Assam. […]

The guests will participate in the flagging off ceremony of the pilgrims (Padayatris) in the morning at 8A.M. at the Sidha- Kanhu Chowk in Dumka; thereafter they would be guided to Johar HRD centre for the seminar. […] – Solomon S.


J Johar HRD centre Dumka
[email protected]


10.00 –            In augural Session

10.30 –            Historical context of the tribals in Assam.

12.00 -P.M. Voices from Assam- A historical assessment of the advocacy so far.

01.00-              LUNCH BREAK

02.30   –          Approaches and methods: Roles of Organizations.

04-30   –           Possible Action plans.

26/06/15- FRIDAY

PLACE:          JOHAR HRD CENTRE, NEAR LIC (Dumka- Rampurhat road)


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