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Tushar Khurana, The Hindu, Delhi, April 15, 2013

Children experiment with a variety of genres to make films on water

So what do you get when you take a bunch of kids, show them some documentaries, teach them how to use a video camera, and then leave them to it?

Based on the evidence, the answer seems to be — a lot of good films. […]

As the participants found out, actually making a film was the fastest way to learn the process. “I was doing the shooting,” says Urmila, a student of the Purva Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, “She was acting,” she adds, pointing to a friend. “But we all learnt about every part of the production.” […]

As Rupali Mukherjee of Carrot Films says, “You and I, our ideas are not new, but these children, they come up with different things, they aren’t trying to please anyone or meet standards.”

In December last year, groups of students from nearly 50 schools attended a three to four day workshop on films organised by the PVR Nest with Carrot Films. “We learnt how to handle a camera, the storyline, and writing a script,” explains Anirbaan, a student of Bal Bharti Public school. After that, Anirbaan and his classmates began shooting.

Their film turned out to be a unique take on the universality of our need for water. In a calm montage, a series of students were shown in face-paint depicting first people of different genders, ages and nationalities and then plants and animals as well. Titled ‘Beyond Borders’, the message it delivered was clear — when it comes to water, we’re all the same. […]

Aahana, a member of the Butterflies organization (a non-profit that works with street and working children) says, “For the children, it was also a very good opportunity to interact with students of other schools, from different socio-economic backgrounds.” Many of the films were produced by students of different schools. She continues, “They had to get comfortable with each other before they could make a film.”

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Carrot Films is proud to be among the foremost of Delhi’s Film Production units of Corporate and Documentary Films. […]

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