“Learn from the ancestors, put aside colonial thinking”: Is a dollar is worth more than a tree?

Toda elders
Photo © Ludwig Pesch
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Toda community, the Nilgiri Biosphere where the live, other elders,
the cultural identity communities have cherished for centuries, and this
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More than ever, we should learn to be spiritual people and learn from the ancestors to give thanks, and to put aside colonial thinking that tells us a dollar is worth more than a tree.

Tony Tekaroniake (Mohawk author and award-winning journalist living from Idaho) in American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, Winter 2022 >>
Report of the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel 2011
Report of the Western Ghats Ecology Expert Panel
Source: www.thehindu.com (accessed: 16 September 2016) | Backup copy (PDF, 3,6 MB) >>
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Western Ghats tribal heritage and ecology >>

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