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Tribal Music of India: The Muria and Maria Gonds of Madhya Pradesh
RECORD LABEL Folkways Records 1983
Various Artists FW04028

A buffalo-horn trumpet, the hakum, announces the joyful harvest festival and varying types of drums called mandri, kotoloka and kundir take over. A group of women chant antiphonally in leadership of the wedding festivities. Men dance on stilts, creating an intoxicating rhythm that is guided by drums. This is a snapshot of the musical practices found within the Bastar district of India, a region mostly comprised of tribal groups including the Muria and the Gonds.


Chitkul; Dabka; Dholi; Drum; Frame drum; Hakum; Hirnang; Jalar; Jew’s harp; Kach tehendor; Kotoloka; Kundir; Mandri; Muyang (Bells); Parrai; Rattle (Musical instrument); Siringong; Sulur (India); Timpani

Source: Liner notes
Date Visited: 21 December 2021

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