Tip | Creative Commons license: How to share artistic work and knowledge with due respect for creative minds

Creative Commons isn’t perfect, and some people have made reasonable arguments against its system. However, it still seems the most balanced, easiest to use approach generally accepted in the market, and it does leave the artist in control of deciding which rights to hold and which rights to grant. This seems far better than the “all rights reserved” method in which contracts have to be drawn for each case, dividing rights and licensing them.

Understanding Creative Commons Licenses

Under the current 3.0 version of Creative Commons, there are four conditions from which creators can choose. This is how they are explained, with their corresponding symbols. […]

Your rights are assumed to be “all rights reserved” unless you state otherwise.

Takeaway: Creative Commons rights licenses are a flexible way for artists to share some rights while choosing which ones to withhold. It can spur creativity while allowing artists to maintain control of their work.| Learn more >>

Source: Creative Commons: What Every Self-Publisher Ought to Know — The Book Designer
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