Indian women’s rights are “self-evident and constitutionally secured”: Building capabilities by implementing good laws – The Hindu Centre for Politics and Public Policy

Vasundhara Sirnate, The Hindu, Opinion » Lead, February 1, 2014 | Read the full article here >>

In the last two years the highest courts in the country have responded to a mass call for more protection for women. Alongside, there have been many judgments from non-constitutional decision-making bodies like khap panchayats and kangaroo courts sanctioning violence against particular women or curtailing women’s freedom in significant ways. Why is it that while there has been a legal expansion of women’s rights in India, the societal trends that maintain a violent order against women have remained intact? […]

Rights may be apparent or self-evident and constitutionally secured; however, they do not automatically implement themselves.

(Vasundhara Sirnate is the chief coordinator of research for The Hindu Centre for Politics and Public Policy.)

Source: Good laws, bad implementation – The Hindu
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