“Different tribes are the original inhabitants of this district for millennia”: Govt. of India tourist promotion for India’s most densely forested districts – Maharashtra

Chandrapur District

Endowed with rich flora and fauna, water resources and mineral wealth, Chandrapur has been famous from ancient times as the capital of Gond dynasty. Anandavan at Varora is famous the world over due to social worker Baba Amte whose ashram rehabilitates leprosy victims. India’s largest thermal power plant, many coal mines, cement and paper factories, huge lime stone deposits, bauxite, iron, and chromite mines are the sources of wealth for the district. Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Project is a major tourist attraction. Different tribes are the original inhabitants of this district for millennia.  […]

5. Distance from Mumbai
877 kms.

6. Means of Transport
Main Airport-Morva
Railway Stations -Varora, Badravati, Chandrapur,
Ballarasha, Mool, Sindewahi,
Nagbhid, Brahamapuri
ST Buses

7. Population

8. Literacy
Per cent-73.07

12. Languages/Dialects
Marathi, Hindi, Gondi, Kolam

13. Folk-Arts
Adivasi dance, Ghusadi dance of Kolam, Gondhal, Dandar, Keertan, Tamasha

18. Tourist Places
Ramala tank, Junona tank at Chandrapur, Ghodazari project at Sindewahi, Satbahini Tapovan (Naagbheed), Adyal tekari (Brahmapuri), Ramdegi at Chimur


Gadchiroli District

Gadchiroli is among the most densely forested districts of India with a forest cover of 86 per cent. The protected forest ‘Vanvaibhav‘, with 41 metres tall, 200 years old teakwood trees and bamboo forests of Bhamragad, Etapalli are the places of pride of this district. Tendu leaves, which are used for beedi making bring in substantial revenue to Government. Fine ancient sculptures of Markanda attract researchers from around the world. The district is famous for tribal folk dances such as Dandar, Gondi and Rela. A recent find in the district, claimed to be eggs of dinosaur, has attracted the world’s attention.

6. Means of Transport
Railway Stations -Vadsa
ST Buses

7. Population

8. Literacy
Per cent-60.29

12. Languages/Dialects
Marathi, Hindi, Bangali, Telgu, Gondimali, Chhattisgadhi

13. Folk-Arts
Dandar, Gondi Rela, Gondhali and Ghera dances

18. Tourist Places
Markandeshwar (Chamorshi taluka), Chaprala sanctuary (Chamorshi taluka)


Source: The Gazetteers Department – Chandrapur
Address : https://cultural.maharashtra.gov.in/english/gazetteer/CHANDRAPUR/about_chandrapur.html
Date Visited: Mon Nov 17 2014 20:11:58 GMT+0100 (CET)

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