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Source: Constitution of India (Full Text) | National Portal of India

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Search online different elements of the Constitution of India. Users can search by the short title, Act number, Act year, Act objective, full Act text, etc.

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Website of Ministry of Tribal Affairs http://tribal.gov.in/

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs was constituted with the objective of providing more focused attention on the integrated socio-economic development of the most under-privileged sections of the Indian society namely the scheduled tribes in a coordinated and planned manner. Detailed information the ministry’s functions, programmes, welfare schemes and activities is given. Details pertaining to Scheduled Tribes (STs) and their development through various welfare schemes are provided. Guidelines and application forms for the NGOs are available. Information about grants are also given. Detailed information is also provided about the TRIFED. Details of parliamentary questions related to tribals and laws are available. | Read more >>

Source: Official website of Ministry of Tribal Affairs | National Portal of India
Address : http://india.gov.in/official-website-ministry-tribal-affairs
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Source: Tribal | National Portal of India
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