Korwa dialect on the verge of extinction – Jharkhand

Source: “Vanishing dialect of a primitive tribe” by SANTOSH K. KIRO, The Telegraph, Calcutta, 28 March 2012Address : http://www.telegraphindia.com/1120328/jsp/jharkhand/story_15297074.jsp#.T8JDjb9DkfmDate Visited: Sun May 27 2012 17:09:10 GMT+0200 (CEST)

Video | Santal culture in Jharkhand

Background information The original inhabitants of South Asia are known as Adivasi. Their lifestyle is generally marked by a profound respect for nature. It is this sense of harmony that …

Video | Tribal values and mass media – Jharkhand

© Sigrun Schnarrenberger (script, camera, editing). This is a cutout (7:17) of the documentary “Johar Jharkhand” re-edited for the Tribal Cultural Heritage in India Foundation in 2011. | Learn more >>