This documentary focuses on the dilemmas posed by modern developments that undermine the traditional way of life of India’s tribal communities. It is marked by a symbiotic relationship with nature rather than economical considerations. Women still sing Santali songs while working in the fields. But as erratic rainfall affects many Santal peasants, families are torn apart as men seek work in nearby coal mines and distant cities.

A literacy and health campaign in Jharkhand forms the highlight and conclusion of this documentary: we witness how Jagran, a group of young Santal actors and musicians, serves its community in the face of destitution and involuntary rural migration. | Learn more >>

© Sigrun Schnarrenberger (script, camera, editing). This is a cutout (7:17) of the documentary “Johar Jharkhand” re-edited for the Tribal Cultural Heritage in India Foundation in 2011.

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