Video | Colourful “Rignai and Risa”: Garments woven by women from all tribal communities – Tripura

Ministry of Culture Govt. of India

During the month of Karthik and Agrahayana, when the crop is harvested tribal women use to spent their leisure hours by making handloom cloths. The very colourful attires of Tribal women are Rignai and Risa.

The women wear Rignai at the lower portion of their body while the Risa is used for covering the upper part of the body. Rignai and Risa are generally weaved by the Tribal women in their handlooms. Cotton is collected in baskets and using different tools they make threads out the cotton. They dye these threads in different colours and use them in their waist loom for making cloths of their choice.

All tribal communities of Tripura

Source: National List for Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), Ministry of Culture, Government of India
Date visited: 5 October 2020

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