Students, parents and teachers learning about tribal life and ecology: Chinnar forest (Nilgiri) – Tamil Nadu

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Nature trek

Students, parents and teachers of V.A.V. School of Education took a trip to Chinnar forest. They observed different varieties of flora and fauna and learnt about the importance of forests. They interacted with the tribals of Kodanthur village. The students also learnt about degradable and non-degradable waste and picked up plastic waste materials on their way back.

Source: The Hindu : NATIONAL / TAMIL NADU : School notes
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Source © Deepanwita Gita Niyogi (Pulitzer Center May 27, 2021)
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The country has the highest number of Indigenous people in the world after Africa. As tribes uphold unique cultures, their preservation is vital at a time when a specific national cultural discourse is growing stronger.

In the light of extreme right-wing ideology dominating the nation, there is a need to explore the tribal consciousness in the backdrop of climate change, development, and deforestation.

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