Video | Khasi cultural heritage taught and promoted by Snap Paka

“We don’t want to mix this music with other forms of music like modern or Hindi music. […] We strictly teach traditional music according to our indigenous religion.”

This institution was established by Seng Khasi Nongthymmai in 2005. Initially it grew with support from the Sangeet Natak Akademi (Govt. of India). Since then it has been supported by the Seng Khasi movement.

Bram Kharkongor, a musician from Mawjrong village, is part of an ensemble whose members still play their musical instruments in the manner taught by their ancestors. They visit different parts of the Khasi Hills during the annual thanksgiving dance. Such performances are much in demand as rural Khasi communities still share the joy of traditional music.

Duration: 04:42 – Researched and filmed by Gayatri Indira Vijaysimha and Dev Narayan Chaudhuri (Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai) © 2010. This is a cutout of their video documentary on the Khasi music of Meghalaya edited for the Tribal Cultural Heritage in India Foundation. 

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