Centre develops Saura tribal paintings of Raygada – Odisha (Orissa)

The Sauras are one of the oldest tribes of India. The Sauras are specially famous for rich variety of their paintings based on religious and ceremonial themes. Each Idital contains various symbols and signs and convey special meaning for which it is meant. The pictograms are categorized into different sections as per their meaning and purpose. The paintings are conspicuous for their elegeance, charm, aesthetic and ritualistic association. In fact, these pictograms are their literature and philoshophy, it is based on magico-religious belief. The Saura painting has its own originality and uniqueness developed in a mystic form not found in any of the art form. Its style, boldness and symbolic representation of life style pattern with strong visual images creates an awareness of feelings. The name and the form is already popular and the saura tribes and painter are a innocent and open minded lot, hence attitudinal development and sense of discipline can be taken up in a more acceptable format.

In order to have a larger scope for popularizing the visual arts, EZCC conducted Workshops in association with National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata, Apeejay Institute of Design, New Delhi and with reputed designer and exporter of Kolkata for perpetuation of the art forms by developing new product lines which will result in enhanced awareness about the art forms as also marketability of their artistic skills and consequently the income levels of the artisans. Remarkable product lines have been developed in the workshops which were exhibited in various National fairs and festivals. The products were very much appreciated by the visitors and buyers everywhere.

Source: Easrern Zonal Cultural Centre

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