Slideshow | Kani village celebration of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People 2012

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The art of oral narrative was celebrated on the occasion of the International Day of the World Indigenous People on Thursday at Vellambi Kaani tribal settlement near Pechipparai. This programme was sponsored by the Tribal Foundation. The celebration focused on this year’s theme: indigenous media and empowering indigenous voices. Read more >>

Ecological considerations

Members of the Kani community have long eaten food from plates made of arecanut palm leaves. These are covered by medicinal leaves called Vattakanni. Such practices are eco-friendly and organic. Unlike the picnic plates commonly used and discarded by many visitors, arecanut plates disintegrate quickly.

By encouraging such practices in the modern age, the Tribal Foundation Nagercoil propagates those alternatives that are readily available and useful. According to environmental educationist S. Davidson Sargunam, this will help to prevent further harm to India’s precious biospheres and its inhabitants, both human and wild animals; and even prove that such damage can be reversed.

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