Safe Search website: Free online tools for use by teachers and pupils

  1. To find suitable information and media contents for educational purposes, type keywords like “Indian tribal language”, Adivasi music”, “Santal dance” in the Safe Search window provided by here >>
  2. For video contents, include “youtube” or “vimeo” among the keywords (e.g. “adivasi music youtube” or “khasi music vimeo”
  3. Similarly, include a region or state for specific contents (e.g. “meghalaya”, “jharkhand”, “wayanad” or “nilgiri”


Who runs this website?

Primary School ICT is run and maintained by Primary Technology® Ltd.

Supporting Primary Schools for over 10 years Primary Technology has developed a range of useful online tools for use by teachers and pupils. is one of our free online tools for educational use.

Primary School ICT

Primary School Safe Search is a great place to start internet sessions for children and teachers. The internet searches are filtered and there are no adverts allowing safer search results for children. […]

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