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Photographs and information by Venkatesh Lakshmanan © 2013 taken in Kunda Kotagiri village on the occasion of Shivaratri (19 March 2013). This is the main annual festival celebrated by the Kota community. More >>


The annual celebration at Kunda Kotagiri village includes a traditional game called Pullatt.

According to Kota custom, members of the striking team go around in circles reciting verses after they are all out; and also before they start to field.

To some extent, Pullatt resembles cricket – India’s most popular sport: players of one team try to strike a small piece of wood one after the other; and members of the fielding team try to catch it.

The team scoring the highest points wins. At the same time, this game is seen as an opportunity for participants to build social bonds and resolve any of their personal differences.

For an in-depth study of Kota culture and music, refer to Richard K. Wolf’s award-winning study, The Black Cow’s Footprint: Time, Space, and Music in the Lives of the Kotas of South India. More >>